Everyone can right, write?

I am a copywriter, journalist, proofreader, author. Questioner. Teller of stories. Adventurer & homebody. Mum of two boys, one dog, one cat & three chickens. Always mud on me somewhere. Love finding typos.


What’s the ideal length for a web paragraph? Are semi-colons passĂ©? Is jargon ever a good idea? I know but I’m not telling 🙂 But never use an emoji on your homepage. Or start a sentence with but. Or or.


I once flew a hawk in the Millennium Stadium in the name of journalism.


Is your work completley perfect? Are you sure? Really sure? Really really sure? Did you spot the mistake?


Stories are everything. In branding, copywriting, journalism, non-fiction and fiction. I write because I love stories, made up ones too.