Proofreading & editing


I will ensure that your text is completely perfect.

  • Check for errors: spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Check page numbers and headings.
  • Check the table of contents against chapter titles, page numbers.
  • Ensure style is consistent by following your style guide, if supplied (or ask me about developing a tone of voice and/or compiling a style guide for you).
  • Check cross-references where appropriate.
  • Ensure that illustrations, captions and labels correspond with each other and with the text.


Fewer words work harder: I’ll make sure every word is there for a reason. Simplicity has more impact: I’ll check your sentences are concise and your paragraphs are the correct length for your intended media. I’ll look at the structure of your copy to ensure the information is presented in an order that will get your story across most efficiently.

  • Check for errors: spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Wording: Is the language pitched at the right level for the likely readers? Do any terms or abbreviations need explaining? Are tone, style and vocabulary appropriate? Do they add authority, or undermine the writer? Of course, language changes constantly and context is all, but copy-editors are aware of informed opinion on what is acceptable and what is best practice.
  • Content and structure: Is anything missing or redundant? Are the headings doing their job? Is the information given in a logical order? Are the sentences the right length for the audience and intended media?
  • Consistency: Spellings, hyphenation, italics, capitals, units of measurement, how quotations are presented, etc.
  • Accuracy and anomalies: I will check for misquotations, errors of fact, misspelt names, misused words and will check or query them.
  • Legal issues: I’ll will flag up any instances of plagiarism, breach of copyright or libel (but responsibility for these remains with the writer and publisher).
  • Design: I will ensure the copy is suited to the design and can make suggestions for layout with this in mind.